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Skin care that’s made for YOU

You Plus offers various services and procedures that will certainly address your beauty concerns. With our personalized services, we first conduct a consultation with you to understand your expectations and goals for your beauty treatment. We then analyze your skin type and formulate the best kind of treatment to reach your beauty goals. With our specialization in health, skin rejuvenation, health, and anti-aging, you will surely leave our clinic with fresh, smooth, and radiant skin. We will give you a beauty that’s so YOU!

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    Our facials are designed to improve the overall look, feel, and quality of your skin. We rejuvenate and massage your skin to improve your circulation, skin health, and skin texture. These will leave you with firm, clear, and glowing skin.

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    add-on treatments

    Your whole body deserves a treat. We offer add-on treatments that won’t just make you feel beautiful but also make you feel relaxed and confident.

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  • botox in forehead

    Botulinum Toxin & Soft Tissue Fillers

    Regain your youthful glow! Using the latest anti-aging treatments and technology, our botox and fillers are effective in removing the signs of aging on your skin.

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    Face and Body Tighteningand Contouring

    Our refit treatment combines different technology to stimulate collagen contraction and production. This helps reduce cellulite and wrinkles, giving you a skin that looks and feels rejuvenated.

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    Energy-Based Devices for Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging

    Our skin goes through a lot every day, and it’s not easy keeping it tight and healthy. Our energy-based devices will help your skin regain it’s young and fresh feel.

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  • woman on laser hair removal

    Hair Removal

    Our hair removal treatment uses safe and fast technology that will leave your skin feeling smooth and clean.

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  • skin marked

    Skin marks and tattoo removal

    Erase past blemishes with our skin marks and tattoo removal that uses the latest and most advanced laser machinery.

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  • viens treatment

    Veins and Vascular Lesions Removal

    Varicose veins and vascular lesions can be burdensome. Lessen your burdens with our treatment that uses high-end and skin-friendly laser technology.

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    Acne Treatments

    Achieve clear skin with our acne treatments that uses a combination of our safe technology and ingredients that are proven to improve skin condition.

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    Cosmetic Surgery

    Our surgical procedures are safe, and we will make sure that you are worry-free as we enhance your features.

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If our beauty services interest you, take the first step by setting an appointment with us. We’re excited to be with you throughout your skin care journey.