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You Plus is a modern aesthetic clinic that offers various services and procedures to enhance your beauty and features. Here, beauty aesthetics and science of medicine meet in harmony to ensure safe and beneficial treatments.

You Plus does not believe in following certain standards to be considered beautiful. We do not aim to change our customers. Rather, we allow them to see the better versions of themselves. Our services are backed by research and guided by the highest quality standards. We make sure that these specifications are applied to all our procedures and services. We combined the best of beauty technology, skin care products, and the expertise and credibility of our practitioners.

At You Plus, we make sure customers are treated with utmost care and empowered in the decisions they make.

Our Mission

You Plus has four principles that we all abide by.

First, QUALITY. We are guided by the highest quality standards, and we make sure that these are applied to all our procedures and services. Not only will we make sure that our offered services are the best, but we also make sure that our customers are treated with utmost care and provided with the treatment they deserve.

Second, INTEGRITY. At You Plus, we value professionalism and honesty. We make sure that the procedures you avail are the procedures that you need. We will always prioritize our customers over financial gain.

Third, INCLUSIVITY. You Plus does not discriminate nor do we believe that there is a specific set of characteristics to be considered beautiful.

The procedures we offer are not to change our customers, but to allow them to see their own beauty and the better version of themselves. This also applies to our employees and doctors as we do not choose them according to affiliations but according to their certifications and qualifications.

Lastly, EMPOWERMENT. Here, we encourage our customers to actively make intelligent decisions. You Plus is here not just to perform procedures on our customers but also to inform them of what they should know about their health and beauty.

Our Vision

It’s all about YOU.

Your beauty. Your standards. Your choice.

Beauty that’s so you – Beauty should not be according to media or what others say. Beauty should be according to you. Beauty that fits YOU, makes YOU happy, and satisfies YOU.

Beauty on YOUR own terms.

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